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AgriLife North Region Ag's Podcast

Jul 7, 2022

This is one of the most informative podcast sessions we've provided up to this point as Dr. Jason Smith discussed implications of "Early Weaning as a Drought Strategy".  This strategy looks at three key areas for potential success and implementation including:  Minimizing Risk of Production Failures which includes reproduction failure and loss of revenue, Extending Grazing Time for animals, and Capturing Calf Value.  Dr. Smith also discussed health programs for both calves and cows.  Dr. Justin Benavidez went into great detail in comparing weaning at 120 days and typical weaning of 210 days.  He discusses how he set up the comparisons.  With increasing hay prices and decreasing grain prices, these values become very important in determining the benefits of weaning early and selling calves, backgrounding and selling calves, and retaining ownership.  Great information from both Jason and Justin.  Hope you enjoy the information.