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AgriLife North Region Ag's Podcast

Oct 20, 2023

Ionophores have been around and research has indicated they are an effective tool for economical and efficient growth in growing cattle.  Dr. Jason Smith covers some of those results but also dives into the impact ionophores can have on cattle on forage.  Interesting information on how these products can be used to decrease intake and maintain body condition.  Think of the possiblities for some to extend forage (grass or hay) or to increase stocking rates.  Great information and discussion regarding these findings.  He also got into the background and how ionophores work along with economics of the products.  We talked about the positive impact of these on weaned cattle, heifers, and in conjuction with the use of implants.  

Some of the best information we have delivered via this podcast and I hope you enjoy it.  Just a hint it pays in almost every situation.